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(Extract from Haze 迷漫)







“Perhaps I am not confident enough to define myself or my own paintings. It is something that just happens. They are, as many other things, something that exists; might it be for some reason, or maybe there isn't even one.” 

I used to ask you all the time what was the meaning of your work. You used to silently shrug your shoulders, with an exasperated look in your face. It has taken me a whole year in China to start to understand you.

There never was anything to explain.

These leaves are just an extension of your being. Leaves from the forest by your house in Requena, slowlly falling onto your beloved Chinese rice paper with the arrival of the fall.

I was always curious to see you paint. You, that always had such a flamable spirit, always being heard singing and dancing from afar, suddenly were reborn into this eternal calmness, while I saw you stroke your brush against the paper, hazed up by the vapour coming out of your flower tea cup. It was like you had suddenly given meaning to your Chinese name: 安河 (“peaceful river”). The ink flowed like the water in your name, floating in a sea of leaves.

There is an incredible humbleness and sincerity about your work: it is what it is. And you have given the space to allow it to become whatever might be seen in it.

 For you these leaves are the everyday, time passing with every stroke you pour onto the paper, recording your life passing slowly, between the trees of your hometown.

 Now I hope for the silence of your leaves to swallow others too, just like they did with me.


Angel Peris Cuesta was born in Valencia, Spain in 1993. He lived throughout his childhood in Alboraya, spending his summers in a small village in the province of Utiel-Requena, Casas de Penen de Albosa, where he currently lives and works.

He graduated in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2015 after having studied one year at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (2014-2015). His experience and artistic motivations there have lead him to continue studying and working with Asia. Therefore he is planning his return to China this year to be able to continue there with his studies with a masters degree programme.